Original Mbox 1 Patch!


Patch has just been released that should get the original mbox1 to work under linux.

This is the first release so there is probably going to be some buigs that need worked out.

I had issues with kernel headers not being found despite being installed, but you should be able to find how to sort that.

Also i dont think it works past kernel v 3.5. I tried with 3.8 and 3.11 and it just errors out during ./configure.

3.5 seems to configure and install fine.

I was able to use the mbox 1 for playback however i still get the white noise issue. But i dont know if something has went wrong during the install or what.

Just confirmed that the patch gets the input ports to work with jack. successfully had a mic (plugged in via the jack ins) to come through ardour. Howver the white noise is still an issue.

This may just be my particular mbox or my computer, so others may have a perfectly working setup with the patch as is.

zamaudio has confirmed that he also is having ussues with whitenoise and thinks that it is hardware/firmware related.

I’m going to try getting the latest mac firmware installed (revission 22) and see if this cures the problem.

Looks like a solution has been found for the white noise.

Firmware v22 is needed to fix the bursts of white noise.


you will need a mac to flash this firmware, there is no windows udpater for this version of firmware. So you may need to borrow a friends mac to update the firmware.

Mbox 1 duplex support completed. Trying to get it accepted into mainline kernel. See my website for details of how to try it from github.

Firmware R22 (need mac to flash) fixes the white noise issues, firmware update availble from zamaudios mbox1 page.

Im having clicking issues but could be just my USB ports being clogged up as every port is used.

once its accepted into mainline will test with a newer kernel as it could be a USB bug or something else. But

Its working and very usable.

Thanks to ZamAudio for all his hard work in getting Digidesign gear to work. Send him donations to further support his great work