Organising project files by Ardour version

Hi all, I have been saving my Ardour project folders within a higher level folder for the Ardour version it was created in. It seemed a worthwhile approach incase I had something in use within the project that may for some reason function differently in a later version or otherwise be inpacted because I choose to open it in a later version than the one it was created in. It just seemed helpful to be able to trace back to the ‘working version’ if that happened. As my activity increased though and many updates are coming out it starts to look like a messy way to manage project files. I’m curious how others approach this?

Not really an answer for you but the best policy is probably to make sure you report any non-functional or non-opening sessions to the developers if and when you encounter one so they can fix the most recent releases of Ardour and then your whole scenario becomes much less of an issue. In my experience Paul and Robin are very receptive to fixing sessions and often all you need to provide is the actual ‘.ardour’ XML file not your entire session… I have had them fixed in the past within minutes on an IRC chat. This approach also is beneficial to the community as a whole because your report may assist somebody else facing the same issue…

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