organise my work

Going on from Thorgal’s great tip about using snapshots as a basis for organising albums, one frustration I’m trying to get my head around is renaming.

I use Ardour early on in the composition process when I rarely have anything like a real title for a song and I often have a batch of roughs & sketches. So I’m using dates & times with Ardour to identify these. I tried chord structures for a while but it was hopeless. A few weeks later, I might go back and try and find a sketch or demo I’d done and I’m faced with dozens of “2009-03-21T09:59:21” or “Dmin-A5-G7-E5” or somesuch.

You can’t (easily) rename sessions. Can snapshots be renamed more easily? How do folks go about naming and calling up their work later? I’m looking for a less frustrating process! Ideally I would rename!

You can rename the snapshot trivially using the command line or some GUI file manager (like nautilus or konqueror). You don’t need to edit the file at all - just rename it. Ardour will show you the new names “automatically”. They live inside the session folder, with names like 2009-03-21T09:59:21.ardour.

That’s great, Paul - would be most excellent to have this as a right-click rename option in some future version of Ardour!