Order the vst menu with submenu

Hi everybody.

I was wondering if it was possible to classify the VST menu a little more?
I’ve put my vst in different folders and subfolders (eq, compressors, instruments…) but in Ardour interface they are all in the same “VST” category.

Is there a way to create some submenu in the gui?

Thank you.

How do you even get the Category option :astonished: I get “Tags” as last entry (Ardour 6) so which version are you using ?

I’m using version 5.12

Is 6 very different? I prefer to finish what I’m working on, before upgrading.

Well yeah, v6 has many improvements but it doesn’t “alienate” the userbase or anything… read the releasenotes and install the demo to compare, I’d say. You can install v6 alongside with v5, they have their own config files & folders.

While you can install both side by side I would always strongly recommend backing up before trying to open in A6 as a just in case measure. There should be no problems we know of, but it is always a good idea and good habit to get into with any software honestly. That way you know you always have a copy to roll back to if needed.

In general I don’t recommend upgrading in the middle of a project unless there is something you KNOW you will benefit from on that project, then upgrading via backup as described above would be how I do it.

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