Order of plugin parameters

I wonder how the order of parameters of plugins is exposed to DAW controllers? I often would love to have some parameters on the knobs but almost always the parameters that appear there are not the important ones. I have a rather old iCon Qcon Pro (G1) and it’s not even possible to scroll through parameters, so e.g. with LSP Parametric EQ I only see less useful stuff like “Enable/Disable”, “Input Gain”, “Output Gain” and so on. What I would like to see are things like “Freq”, “Q” and “Gain”, but these don’t even appear.

Is there any way to change this?

Short answer:


That’s what I expected and feared :smiley:
So the only way to achieve this is to write a whole map myself.
Short answer, long way to go :wink:
Thanks :slight_smile:

The longer answer is that…

Ardour has a concept of ordering plugin parameter.

But… so far only LV2 plugins can specify the order using displayPriority LV2 Port Properties , and the only control surface that heeds that information is Faderport8/16.

So while a mechanism is there, various control surfaces would need sort function (trivial), yet adding a GUI to customize the order (and save it, per session or as preference) is far from trivial.