Orchids in the Dark

music made with Ardour, video made with kdenlive,
hope you enjoy it,


It is a really good product you have ended up with. Congratulations :sunglasses: :guitar:


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thanks my dear, very kind :blush:

Thanks, it’s always good to hear some prog :grinning:

It’s nicely done and the mix is good. I think the wind-controller synth part could perhaps have done with being either a little more prominent, or a slightly brighter patch to stand out a little more.

I did find the lyrics a little repetitive and I’m afraid to say the vocals are the weakest part of this, because everything else is of a high standard.

Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this :slight_smile:


thanks a lot for your valuable feedback, much appreciated!

Excellent! Great recording and mix! :+1: :+1:

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many thanks Glen, much appreciated :blush:

I love the guitar tone at the beginning, it reminds me of Gilmour solos. The overall production sounds fantastic. Cheers

thanks my dear, very kind :grinning: