Orchestral sounds for Linux

Is there a plugin or library of good orchestral sounds for linux? I tried the free download ones, but I’m looking for something of better quality.

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All the plugins I sell here are available for GNU/Linux - https://librewave.com/


Interesting, I will try, thank you.

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I like to use Virtual Playing Orchestra. It’s sfz files, you can load them with sfizz. If you take the time to automate things you can get very good results.

I know you asked for linux, but keep in mind it is possible (and relatively easy) to run windows plugins using Carla (you can use carla-rack or carla-rackFX in ardour to easily add a windows plugin)
I personally use VSCO2 and Spitfire’s BBC symphonic Orchestra (a bit more difficult to install but working great) which are free.

I’m using VPO, Carla? not Kontakt? ok I’ll see how it goes with that.
Thank you.

Carla can host the windows plugins. You might have to activate it in the options though. Theoritically it can host Kontakt, it seems some people do use it, but I never tried myself.
Here’s the setup I use with Spitfire’s BBC Orchestra for reference. It should work the same with Kontakt.

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