Orchestra and piano

i have just installed Ardor on Kali Linux. All seems ok.
i have a cd of Mozart’s concerto. with the record of only orchestra, and another cd with all orchestra and piano.
what i want to do is simple! i want to register the piano partition and miw it with the orchestra partition to have the complete concerto : the orchestra and the piano (my register)

thanks for you solutions
T Granier

Hi, Kali Linux!? Are you doing penetration testing on Ardour?? :thinking:

You will need to use or install something like Asunder CD Ripper and rip your CD’s into WAV Files (not mp3 or aac…)

Then you will need to use Ardour’s Session–>Import and then import the WAV files from the directory you ripped the CD’s to. Each WAV file should be on it’s own track, then you can mix and match them however you like.

Gotta say… Kali is a very peculiar choice to do multimedia work…

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