Option to move automation with regions

One long-standing complaint from users in Ardour 2.X was the impossibility of moving track automation data when dragging regions. This behaviour came from a very early assessment of workflow when Ardour was first being developed, and I freely admit that I was wrong about this design.

Thanks to some more great work from Carl Hetherington, this issue is resolved in Ardour 3.0, where there is an option (enabled by default) to move automation data that lies within a region's boundaries whenever that region is moved. This should dramatically speed up editing, since it is no longer necessary to delay recording automation until final region placement is done (or use copy/cut/paste to move automation with regions). If you want to turn the feature off, its in the Ardour preferences dialog (Editor -> Move relevant automation when regions are moved)

Thats great Paul and Carl, thank you so much for this feature! This will save me a lot of editing time! :slight_smile:


This makes me so happy - it means I can mix, compile and master an album in one project!