Optimizing Windows

Is there a procedure, or preferred settings overview to optimize Windows 10 to work with Ardour/Mixbus properly?

Thanks Paul!

I know a lot of the basic stuff, but sometime a certain program need some specific settings changed. But I’ll check it out, see if I can learn something new.

Here is an article with some general suggestions:


You're unlikely to get much useful input on Windows here. Lots of users on Windows, not much interaction from them.

Ardour is a DAW and functions like most other DAWs with respect to its interactions with the operating system. Google will find you many articles of dramatically varying quality about "tuning a PC for audio" and so forth. Pretty much all of those suggestions will apply for Ardour.

It is also worth reading this link, to get some sense of how hardware complicates things too: http://manual.ardour.org/setting-up-your-system/the-right-computer-system-for-digital-audio/