Optimize the editing process

Hello, fellows.
Greetings from this Brazillian newbie.

When editing audio files I cut the regions into whatever number of pieces I need, change whatever want to change, and unite the pieces again into one region.
Now, for this last step, I click on the regions (using Ctrl or SHIFT and the mouse), choose "Range - “Set range selection” and then “Consolidate range”.
Is it the optimized way to do it? On these particular menu items, I see no suggestions of keyboard shortcuts.
It seems to me I am missing something that would make the process faster.

  1. why do you want to join them back together?
  2. select the regions, then Regions > Edit > Combine

This method avoids writing a new audio file to disk.

  1. I think it makes things cleaner (I clean all unused sources at the end of the process) and easier to use automation points on the region.
  2. Thank you. I’ll try that.

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