Operate controlleur now does'nt mork

*excuse me for my english
I try to control the mix table of ardour from my midi keybord.
I have enabeled generic midi, respond to MMC command and send MMC commande is OK then I click ctrl and the two buttons of the mouse or ctrl and middle button , “operate controlleur now” appear, I move the controlleur and nothing
Thank you for your help


Have you connected the MIDI keyboard’s MIDI port to Ardour’s MIDI Control Input? – Either in the “generic MIDI” settings, or via Menu > Window > MIDI Connection Manager?

If you have don that, for Ardour5, you might also have to disable: Preferences > MIDI Ports > Follow Selection

When that option is enabled, the MIDI-keybord’s ports may be dis/re-connected when a track is selected. This may effectively make it unusable for control.