Opensuse Tumbleweed Ardour Tiny Print and Graphics

I’m hoping someone can help me with this. I’ve seen a number of posts that suggest scaling the display in desktop configuration. But it has no effect on the size of the fonts and the size of graphics in many applications which appear to be GTK applications. I presume ardour is gtk2 or gtk3, but I don’t know which. And it appears that making scale entries in .profile or .bashrc has no effect whatsoever.

I hope there’s an answer . I would love to create a composing workstation in Linux.


To adjust Ardour’s font & UI size, Edit | Preferences| Appearance | GUI and Font scaling.

Of course, this won’t affect any other GTK applications: I guess you could try setting gtk-font-name or gtk-xft-dpi to something appropriate in ~/.config/gtk-[23].0/settings.ini, but I’m afraid I don’t know enough to give any more definite advice.

Asking for help as well, for me its same color letters to the background color, making them unreadable. Then missing GUI features.

xanderbyte: it is impossible to understand what you’ve written here. You need to provide screenshots and a lot more explanation if we’re going to be able to offer any help.