openSUSE 11.2 / KDE 4.3

I am using openSUSE 11.2 with the KDE 4.3 desktop. I would like to install Ardour. As I am not an experienced Linux user, I was wondering where I might find the best information concerning this installation. Perhaps someone has done this exact setup or could point me to installation guides, forums, or whatever might help. Thanx…Dirk

There’s some information about downloading and building / installing ardour from source here:

I’m using ardour on suse 11.0 and build it myself as linuxdsp mentioned. Just installing all needed libs and devel package using yast or zypper or whatever, download ardour sources from svn repos, build and install it. It’s as easy as it sounds :wink: Don’t forget donation afterwards.


I’m not sure if a build from source is the best way to go for a rather unexperienced Linux user, sometimes there are quite some obstacles to tackle.

I have no experience with OpenSuse, but I can imagine 2 possibilities:

  1. Just use your package manager (YAST I think) and search for Ardour
  2. A quick search gave me this site for multimedia sources for Suse:

The third from the top lists the newest Ardour version (2.8.7).

Best Benjamin

I’m running ardour 2.8.8 (built from revision 6645) from source, on OpenSuse 11.2 but you can simply use the rpm mentioned above, adding the Packman repo to your install, you will find jack LV2 and LADSPA plugin it will give you a descent workstation.
If you are planing to record with it you may be interested in the RT kernel from suser-jengelh he is also providing Nvidia kernel module to fit to the kernel

Thank you for your reply. I am definitly going to try it.

Thanks to baron, Benjamin, and phdemartin. Your help is invaluable to me. I will certainly attempt the installation. I have some experience with recording software, mainly Cubase on Windows. Several years ago I started experimenting with Linux but have never completely dived into it. I have a great desire to set this system up so I think this time I will. Again…thanks to you all!


Best way is to use this

type in ardour you can choose between vst or not.
Then choose one click to install.

Do not use package from packman and opensuse by each other
For example jack and ardour should be from the same distributor:
openSUSE Build Service.

Is your OpenSUSE i386 or x86_64 if it is x86_64 it is better not to choose for vst.