Open Source Audio Programs for OS X

I know this is a little off topic, but I have started using Ardour and I greatly enjoy it.
What are some other good (open source) audio apps that have been ported to OS X or are able to be compiled.

I am currently running:

Jack Pilot
All the plugins I could find .dmg files for on this site
Logic Express

I have been trying to get Rosegarden but cannot find a port or easy compile instructions.

I just wante to poll the community and see what people have been finding useful.



If you are interested in sound synthesis, SuperCollider originated on OS X, PD runs great. SND and most of the apps on PlanetCCRMA can also be built (though… yes, Rosegarden is something I haven’t been able to run yet).


I’ve known about essej’s fantastic app SooperLooper for some time, but just recently discovered how awesome it is. essej is also the author of FreqTweak, also awesome, which I’ve been able to build on OS X before, but I’m not sure if a binary is available.

Then of course there is my favorite synthesizer ZynAddSubFX, of which a macintel build I’m hosting on my website (donate $1.30 to cover bandwidth costs?)

There are a few others out there poke around.

Here are some apps which would probably run on OS X if built. Might need minor adjustments:


Let us know if you manage to build any of these.

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