Open Sound Control - OSC sending from ardour

hi all,

i want to know how it’s possible to send automation values from ardour via OSC to another program (aka. PD)
does some plug ins exist which convert automation to OSC message ?



the correct download for the ladosc plugins is here:

full docs are included in the tarball.

As Gwen suggested, these plugins will do as you wish, ie send the OSC signal from Ardour automation to the pd plugin. The data received needs to be scaled though, as it only transmits values between 0 and 4, though they are floating point values so the fidelity is high.

Maybe you want to take a search around at “ladosc”, for ex:


Edit: removed incorrect link as Seablade states further.

This can be done via LADSPA plugins, but to my knowledge there is no plugin currently that provides generic OSC transmission. What I do know exists is a LADSPA plugin to control Jamin via OSC, but that is written specifically for Jamin to my knowledge, and I suspect you might have to do something similar (Write per project) for other options as well. Maybe LV2 is better for this, I honestly haven’t looked into it. I know some of nedko’s work with GUIs I think utilized liblo (Library for OSC) but I don’t know how/why/etc.


Hmm interesting, the second link may make me stand corrected;)

The first link however doesn’t have any code in its VCS that I can see.


I work on OS X in fact and I didn’t find any similar plugin
some projects exist on windows too but I don’t think that OSC comes sooner natively in all sequencers
so I’ll use MIDI to wait for some new usefull features …