Open recent session > Segmentation Fault, latest CVS

Hi, First off, I’m fascinated with this program and very excited about it.

I did a search here but can’t come up with where someone else had the same problem, though I saw it before. In this person’s answer, there was the suggestion that it was fixed and to get the latest CVS.

That’s what I did, and I compiled ardour 0.99.3 CVS again this morning (March 6, 2007). I’d uninstalled all other versions first.

While I still wasn’t able to open my session without a segfault, I did open a new session and import the wav files I wanted. I saved the session.

Now when I try to open that new, recent session, I’m still getting segmentation faults.

I get no helpful console output except for that it had a segmentation fault, but if you tell me what to do to give you more info, I’ll do it.


Thanks, I grabbed an Ardour2 RPM for SUSE and it doesn’t have the problem.

It has a couple of other problems that I can see, but at least I can get some things done without starting over and re-importing, now. Basically, “solo” buttons don’t “solo” and I have to mute all tracks except the tracks I want to play, instead. Also, the “cleanup” gets rid of all files, not just the unused ones. Maybe it’s best to post a new thread for this, though. I’m just wondering if these are known issues that are fixed in the latest SVN.

its hard for me to imagine that anything packaged for SuSE is even remotely current (this is the distribution that was 16 months behind Ardour’s development at one point). the problems you mention are all fixed in svn, as far as we know.

It looks like Ardour2 isn’t available on SVN; I just see the Ardour2 beta 12 available for download. That’s the RPM package version (Ardour 2 beta 12) that I have. It’s compiled by someone other than Novell/SUSE and is available on the “packman” repository.

I’m downloading the 2 beta 12 source now, and will try it that way.

Instructions for checking out latest svn are at:

Ordinarily I’d say “go and use the beta”, but svn has a bunch of bug fixes in it and is almost ready for a branch to become rc1.

Ardour2 has been compiled from source (after an uninstall of my RPM) but it’s still not letting me solo a track. Haven’t tried “cleanup” yet as I don’t have any new unused tracks at the moment, but I’ll test it out when I get a chance, with a new throwaway session.

It’s quite possible I’m missing something and misusing the program, but I thought “solo” should be a pretty straightforward function–press one track’s solo button, and that’s the only track that’ll play. But when I press “solo”, all of the tracks still play. One track (a piano track) will be consistently louder when I click any track’s “solo” button, no matter which track I’m trying to “solo”. It’s very weird.

Is there anything I could have done to make tracks “un-solo-able”?

I tried out “solo” with a new session, importing my wav files from the other one, but “solo” still has problems.

I would recomend you compile ardour 2 from svn, or the ardour 2 beta.

hi, there is a option in “option” menu about solo. perhaps you try playing with it.


Ah, the “options” for solo did the trick for me. Don’t know how that got toggled to something else, but it works the way I want now. Thanks!

Didn’t see the post about the Ardour2 svn, so I’m checking that out now and letting it download. Thanks everyone! This is really exciting.

Now if only I could find something to replace qjackctl which freezes a lot on me…

There was a bug in 2.0 which caused cleanup to remove all audio files in a project which was originally a 0.99.x session. This bug was fixed in revision 1674.

Excellent! So it was a known issue. Thanks a lot! Got the latest svn installed now.