open last session

Hi every body

Could someone tell me how to configure ardour to automaticaly open last session at start ?

I looked in preferences, manual, google. Not found.

There’s no way to do this. The Recent Session list presented when you start up can be sorted by date. That is as close as you will get.

Ardour can be started on the command line, where you can give the session name as an argument.

On some systems, you can double click on the .ardour session file to start Ardour. On some systems, you can even double click on the session folder to start Ardour.

I’ve been very impressed by the work accomplished since 15 years on linux music and specially by Ardour. But at use, as a musician I must say that we loose a lot of music, I mean that often I start with music in head and loose it, fighting with system sound (jack/pulse audio and others) first and then with the lack of ergonomy of Ardour.
There is a lack of basic functionalities that should come before complicated effects and other stuff. For example opening last session or just make the viewport following the transport. I had to google a lot to find out how to move a track up or down cause I did not succeed to find that in the documentation (Ive read it all once but one can’t read it all again each tim.
As a web developer I thank Ardour’s team who did that very very big and beautiful work, I know that application represents tons of hours of hard work. Unfortunately I think I couldn’t help in programmings as I only work under PHP and have limited knowledge of Linux but if I can help in some way on documentation or web site or even tester, for example let me know