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The next native (linux) plugs project:

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Very nice and interesting sounds and rhythms, I liked it very much :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.

this scares me :slight_smile:

and you were doing so well at avoiding CALF until near the end with that limiter!

Pleasant to hear, mhartzel! Thanks!

Hi, Paul! Scares: where the music is going? or something else ))

Hello, @paul !
I couldn’t translate straight from english “you were doing so well at avoiding CALF until near the end with that limiter”, so I’m asking now: do you mean it’s not so good to use the limiter in such way? I have no experience in this area, I’ve just found it makes whole sound louder…

you’re using CALF plugins. we recommend against it :slight_smile:

the “scary” part is because I am still amazed when people use ardour to do “in-the-box” composition like this.

@paul Thanks for reply! )) Funny thing: I started to investigate Linux under the impression about CALF plugins videos. I thought that time that they are super great)). So pity that they have some fundamental issues as you told in some posts… In my case(!) I had never troubles with them, except Reverse Delay (it doesn’t work and to this day), but all others are working great. May be I’ll be one of who will use calf in future, like a member of community “calf-style production people”. For that reason I’ll save my distribution of Ubuntu 18.04, where calf will be steel living, like it lives now in my comp…

P.S. I started to investigate Ardour because it had fantastic possibility that time to drag plugins in the mixer in any directions from pre-fader to post-fader and back (which I couldn’t do in my Cubase). Also today Qtractor has no such convenience to route connections, so I choose Ardour, not looking to Qtractor’s developed piano-roll.
For now I could mark few MIDI “mines”:

  1. When you’re drawing midi notes - to make little gaps between near notes and boundaries of midi regions.
  2. For some plugins to make little gaps between neighboring notes.
  3. For recording layered midi parts (especially for drums) - to use separate midi tracks for recording and monitoring, connected to midi bus with the instrument.
  4. To be ready for some tricky working with automation for midi.
    That’s my little “mine-map” to work with midi in Ardour and I’m glad)) I have only limitations with my mixing theory, synthesizing things and imagination//
    :smile:Thanks for your time if you’re reading all this!