OnTIs-59 Title Screen Theme (Video Game Soundtrack)

This is the title screen theme for a video game my son is making (still in early alpha), called OnTIs-59. Very electronic/synth heavy. No guitars on this one… :-(

The pads and bass are u-he’s Diva and the theme is Zyn. Sequenced in Muse and mixed in Ardour.

Song: https://luisfinotti.org/music/files/Tit … _08.46.mp3

More details: https://luisfinotti.org/music/files/Tit … _08.46.mp3

Suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome!


Definitely has a Phil Collins “In the air tonight” kind of vibe :slight_smile:

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It was not intentional, but I can definitely hear it now how the drums do have that vibe! :slight_smile: