Only get sound when a stereo track is created.

Not a total newb but im not an expert either

When I create a new project and make my first track, I make it a mono track and it works just fine, then when I make another track and i make it a mono track I get no sound in although the set up is exactly the same as when I made the first track. Then if i try again and make a stereo track sound will come through but only on one channel, is there something easy I missed i tried to check as many things as possible.

Thanks for any help.

That was it!! Thank you very much, is there a way to make this default or do i have to change it everytime i make a new track? (no big deal if thats the case)
Thanks again.

I thought i had the most current but i did get it from the ubuntu software center, so im going to get the latest from the website, thank you again for your help

You have a stereo audio interface. Ardour will connect tracks to the available inputs in a round-robin fashion. So, if you add a stereo track, it will connect to both channels of the audio interface. The next stereo track will also connect to both channels. And so on. However, if you add a mono track it will connect ONLY to the left input of the audio interface. The next mono track will connect to the right channel. The one after that will connect to the left input again.

If you are REALLY only using one channel of your audio interface for input (possible, though not the most common arrangement) there is a way to tell JACK to “pretend” that it has only one channel, which will mean that every mono track will have its input connected to the single available input.