Only Beeps from Syntheway Demo

I’m using Tango Studio and upgraded to Ardour 2.8 and installed with VST support. I use FeSTige to load VST plugins. I downloaded Syntheway’s electric piano demo and had no problem loading it as an instrument. I assign it to a track and I get the 10-second demo beeps but no other sound. The electric piano display has a virtual scope and I can see that the input from my Oxygen 25 is reaching it. However, it never reaches the Ardour track, only the beep does.

It seems to me that if the beep reaches the track then I have everything properly connected (may be a false assumption). Does anyone have any ideas on what’s happening? Is there a secret setting I do not know about?


Since you are getting the beeps in Ardour I think you audio is connected correctly and I conclude that your midi keyboard is not connected to the piano. I tried out this piano myself, and I do get sound from it using the VMPK virtual midi keyboard. I did not see the scope you mentioned, so I cannot see any feedback from the piano panel itself that it is receiving midi but maybe I am missing something. Have you checked the midi connection with QJackCtrl->Connections->Alsa ? (you can also check the audio connections, too).

By the way, concerning piano sounds, Pianoteq ($99) sounds much better, also has a native linux version, and a free demo. For free use the Salamander grand piano SFZ file with Linuxsampler.

the secret is, that ardour2 does not support vst instruments, because it does not support instruments plugins or the needed midi at all.

this will change with ardour3 which is in alpha now.