One MIDI Controller, Two Apps

I need to have MIDI control of two apps at the same time. They would be MixBus and OBS Studio. I have the audio routing from MB to OBS via JACK and it works fine. Separately, my controller works with both apps just fine but not if both apps are running. Then, only MixBus gets the MIDI control. How can MixBus pass that control message along to OBS so it responds at the same time? All I want to do is control the transports of each app simultaneously. As I mention above, this works fine with either app alone but not when both are running.

If both apps are Jack apps then probably the best solution is have one use Jack transport, one control jack transport, and connect the midi controller to the app controlling Jack transport.

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Thanks Chris. I’ve never used the JACK Transport but always wondered what it was for and how to use it. I’ll have to find a tutorial and learn about it.

It is a way to tie different applications together so that they not only can send audio between the applications, they can share the state of stop/play/tempo/position type information.

I do not see any information about the state of OBS JACK support on the OBS web page, so I cannot say whether OBS supports JACK transport or not. I did not get a chance to try this weekend, so you may just have to experiment and see if it works.

I was unable to get OBS to work with the JACK transport.