One Last Ride (power ballad)

Hi all,

I just uploaded a new track:

It’s inspired by “Forever Free”, an old power ballad by W.A.S.P., and so the theme I came up with is bikers related too (hence Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy in the picture!). I started working on this a few months ago in Ardour 5, and then came back to it today with Ardour 6, where I basically re-recorded everything.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!


Hi @lminiero,

I liked it a lot. I assume that is a 12-string in beginning and end? If not, a really good simulation… :slight_smile:

Also like the layered lead guitars in the middle of the song. Good job!

@cchoowee yes, it’s a 12-string acoustic guitar, although a very cheap one :grin:
Thanks for listening and for the kind words!

Love the pads coming in at the 1 minute mark! The intro is great too as is the transition around the halfway mark. Love the solo at the end!

Constructive feedback: The opening guitar strumming intro can be shortened. The transition can be a little more subtle and smoother (unless you’re specifically going for that effect). And maybe you can pop up the snares a little.

Other than that, great classic power ballad!

Thanks for the kind words and the feedback, @pjkaka, glad you liked it :smile:
The snare is indeed bad in all of the things I’ve shared so far… I never seem to be able to get it right, no matter what I try!