one key record

In Ardour 4 there was an entity called record-roll (cat ~/.config/ardour4/ardour.bindings | grep record-roll) that I had mapped to f12.
As I’m not the best guitarist in the world this was quite convenient in recording ideas on the fly - just hit f12 and play.

As far as I can tell in Ardour5 the same thing is normally done by: enable record (shilt+r), then (ctrl+space) to start recording.

Does anyone have a one key suggestion as how to enable AND start recording on the fly in Ardour5 ?


Shift+B - activate the selected track record mode
Num3 - start record immediately

To record activated track with pre-count (2bars):


Keyboard Shortcuts (Alt+K)>Global>Transport>Record w/Count-In - adjust a key (Num* - for example)