On-line troubleshooter

I was just thinking it would be nice to have a Web-based troubleshooting system for Ardour, a bit like the hardware troubleshooter wizard from Windows (but preferably less sucky).

The user would be presented with a series of questions as they try to work toward solving their problem, starting perhaps with “What operating system are you using?” or “Please describe your level of computer expertise”. Each question could depend on what they’d previously answered. Eventually, the system would (ideally) give them an explanation of the problem and suggestions on how to fix it. Questions and answers from the forums and IRC could be incorporated into the system. Kind of an FAQ/Wiki/flowchart mash-up. :slight_smile: If the system draws a blank, it could direct the user to documentation, the forums, or other sites that may be able to help.

Sensible or stupid? :slight_smile:

Even a humble FAQ would be good.
All the questions and answers are in this forum already, but if they’re buried in some thread, they’re doomed to be asked over and over again.

Yep, agreed. I’d even volunteer to maintain such a thing. :slight_smile: The tricky bit would be keeping the questions and answers up-to-date in the face of Relentless Advancement of Technology. :slight_smile: And perhaps having to cater for platform-specifics and the more complex architecture of Ardour + JACK + ALSA and their interactions.