Ominous error message

I have both ardour and ardour2 installed on my system, and I accidentally opened an ardour2 project file with ardour (typed the wrong command). Ardour put a message on stdout saying it couldn’t open the project file, and when I realized my error, I shut it down without saving.

Immediately after, I started ardour2 on the project, and it displayed a long string of error messages about not being able to locate the wave files for the session, and that they would be replaced with silence. It opened the project, and sure enough, all 200+ regions were empty.

It said it was looking for the wave files in (project-dir)/sounds, and sure enough, they’re not there. If I remember correctly, that’s where ardour1 put its sound files.

I “fixed” the error by editing the .ardour file and specifying the full paths to the wave files in the Sources section. But now, I have a “hacked” ardour2 project. I can’t figure out where ardour2 gets its search path from when opening a project, and I’d prefer to fix it the right way. Any suggestions?


for files containing audio that was captured by ardour, or files that were imported (not embedded) into the session, you do not need to and should not specify a fully path. ardour will find things normally. full paths in the session file indicate files that are embedded in ardour, and not inherently part of the session.

your problem can be fixed by removing the sounds/ directory, which was created by ardour 0.99 and is detected by ardour2 as a sign that its an older session.

ardour2 currently stores audio in …/<session>/interchange/<session>/audiofiles, which was designed so that in drag-n-drop file managers (e.g. Nautilus, Finder, IE etc) you can drag/copy the entire folder for the session as a way to copy all the audio, while keeping a name (<session>) indicating where it came from.

Thanks, this should help my problem (I’m stuck at work so I can’t try it until tonight).

I’ve since renamed the /usr/bin/ardour executable to “ardour1” to avoid tripping over this landmine again. :slight_smile:

Backup is your friend. :slight_smile: