OMF support?

Hi there. I’m running Ardour on Ubuntu Studio Lucid Lynx. I am hoping to transfer some old Logic projects which were recorded on a Mac; will Ardour open OMF files? If so, which version of Ardour is the earliest to do this?

i m not sure, but i think one of the main problems of that sponsorship is that its much harder to do it for the user. To put money in the ardour project you just hit the paypal button and its straight forward. To do that sponsorship you have to register again and then its not too intuitive what to do. … i didnt spend much time on it but i tried to sponsor the .aaf conversion, but i didn´t get the clue how to do it…

take a look here

for the latest developments…

guess till now this is the only way of .omf support.
.aaf also is not directly supported but somehow possible through ardourxchange.
unfortunately these possibilities are not open source. but as you can see in the “popular issues” area, aaf/omf support is one of the important issues …

@suddentwigs: in addition to the work being on AATranslator, I did do a little work on a direct OMF->Ardour3 import utility, but it could hardly be considered finished. I will likely be recommended AATranslator to people for this purpose once its developer says that its ready. It is a Windows program, which is shame, but it works fine with Wine, and is not an Ardour specific tool - it has uses for anyone who ever uses more than 1 DAW.

Thanks Paul & Calimerox.

@suddentwigs: if you would like to contact me via the aatranslator website I’d be happy to convert one of your OMF files to an ardour session for you at no charge. You can decide then if its suitable for your needs.

Tbonedude has been of great assistance in getting ardour export function developed and we are very, very close now. We have spent the last few days on xfades, fades and automation and I’m quietly confident that it is looking pretty good - its amazing how the same number in one daw means the exact opposite in another - LOL

Maybe it’s worth pointing out that ArdourXchange has been around for several years now and comes as standard with Trinity’s Indamixx system - or as an optional extra for Harrison’s Mixbus.

And it could be opportune to remind Ardour users that during ArdourXchange’s lifespan, I’ve offered (many times) to add OMF support to it AND to release the ArdourXchange code as an open source project, subject to enough sponsors coming forward.

Unfortunately, it’s that last bit that’s holding everything up. 10 sponsors (as at the time of writing) is nowhere near enough to make this a viable proposition… :frowning:

In fact IMHO, the Sponsored Feature project is failing miserably to deliver and needs a radical rethink.

It is my understanding though that ArdourXchange only converts non-embedded AAF files. I think this is more about a dev who programs this kind of application for a living stepping up to provide us with a conversion tool we NEED, that will convert to and from just about anything… The tool may cost some money, but look at the prices of DIGItranslator, Proconvert, and others. The standard version of AAT is only $59, and the Enhanced isn’t much more. Maybe this software sponsoring system isn’t working as well as it could, but at least now we have the tool we have needed for the longest time.

Hello tbonedude. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not in any way trying to belittle AATranslator. I’ve been programming OMF converters for nearly 15 years so I know full well how much effort goes into them. No, my scepticism has more to do with whether the effort is worth the reward. At the end of the day you might well be right. Perhaps trying to introduce OMF/AAF support to Ardour via a sponsored feature was just the wrong way to go about it. Conventional sales have been.better (I’ve sold around 250 copies of AxC up to now, so the demand is definitely present). But the sponsored feature for this item has been very disappointing (as indeed are all the other sponsored features).

One particular drawback to the scheme is the length of time it’s taking to generate sponsors. By the time enough sponsors come forward, the early sponsors have probably lost interest. Therefore the running total is meaningless

I don’t know what the answer is - but if the Ardour community wants to see an increase in feature development, we could do with resurrecting the discussions that we all originally had about this. There were lots of ideas on the table (and to be frank, I remember feeling that sponsored features was actually one of the weaker suggestions) but I do remember there were quite a few good ones.