omf support

Does ardour 2.7.1 support .omf files ?

No. OMF is a proprietary format and it is not possible to support it without reverse engineering it (Digidesign has never made the specifications publically available). We have no desire to do the reverse engineering, and nobody has ever offered to pay for the (large) amount of work involved.

Hi Paul - a couple of minor corrections. OMF isn’t owned by Digidesign and it isn’t (or rather, wasn’t) proprietory. OMF was an open source format, originally developed by Avid (who admittedly are now the owners of Digidesign). It’s still in widespread use although Avid stopped supporting it many years ago.

Antony - if you’re willing to be a beta tester you can try out my AAF import plugin. The main problem is that it needs a couple of extra source modules (and some minor patches) so you need to be able to build Ardour from source.

Hi Antony. I tried to reply but I included my email address so my post got rejected. Other people have managed to contact me privately but I’ve no idea how they did it. Maybe Paul can put us in touch with each other.


if possible,I would like to test it too. My adresse is soudain1message(at)

I would love to test it too. Please email me at mysthr21 A T gmail . com

Thank you.

Thanks guys but unfortunately, there’s been a major setback for those of you waiting for AAF. It’s probably better if Paul explains, rather than me putting words into his mouth.