OMF AAF/MXF EDL import tool for Ardour

Looking for a solution to OMF import. Can anyone shed any light on this area? Any existing tools or projects to supply tools?

The potential of two other projects; David Gatwoods Deck2OMF suit and Symek’s script, to be converted into useful ardour tools.

I have read about ‘private’ AAF tools can anyone help find out more about these tools.

I am really keen to use Ardour to mix for film/tv, in combination with xjadeo. However, without an OMF import tool in particular, it has been impossible for me to use in this way so far. I am convinced that Ardour presents a lot of opportunities in this area.

Obviously developing any of these tools would require a huge amount of effort so in terms of prioritising I would say that OMF import would be the most useful. EDL import would probably be the easiest and would in conjunction with a commercial converter be very useful. AAF / MXF maybe simpler than OMF to develop but are still not as widely used as OMF.

Looking for useful start points, one project that looks interesting is, David Gatwood’s Deck2OMF Suite. David has also posted on Mantis suggesting adding omf support to Ardour he points to parts of the Deck2omf project which might form the basis of a tool. He says:
“I’ve created a reference implementation for writing OMF files from BIAS Deck project files. It should be able to be adapted easily to import files in any other format such as Ardour’s XML project format.
In the same package, I’ve included a tool for reading OMF files and dumping the raw TOC data in a human-readable format. Again, implementing OMF reading with that as a rough base shouldn’t be too hard in principle, though writing is more thoroughly implemented, for obvious reasons."(dgatwood, Mantis)

Another possibility might be a script called which is a python script by “Symek”. The script looks really interesting and it parses CMX3600.edl’s very accurately. It is intended to convert EDL’s to Shake or Halo project files. Although I haven’t been able to get much of the project working at the moment it looks promising.