Old version for 10.4.11 on iBook G4

I was wondering, if there are still older versions of Ardour available.

Since my old iBook G4 PPC 10.4.11 turned out to be a very stable and reliable machine in live situations I would like to have Ardour on it, simply for recording live.

I’ve inspected https://community.ardour.org/releases but couldn’t find an appropriate version.


There is a PPC version available from https://nightly.ardour.org/ , but as Paul said 10.5 or later only. The handful of OSX/PPC users that helped make it possible and motivated us still providing PPC binaries are all on 10.5.6.

We only build for 10.5 and above these days. There were some changes made by Apple between 10.4 and10.5 that weren’t really worth trying to stay back-compatible for. The source code for older versions is available, but we cannot in good conscience recommend using it (Ardour 2.x, probably).

There are capacitors on the computer motherboard and their properties will change when they get older. This will manifest itself in the form on random strange problems, freezing, reboots etc. I would not trust a computer this old to do anything critical.