Old Problematic MIDI Tracks in Ardour 7

It is my understanding the Ardour 7 should solve some of the old MIDI problems, like notes not being played, and so I have been waiting for its release to rework some old projects. But it just occurred to me that since the track was created in an older version of Ardour, importing it in Ardour 7 might not solve the problem (and therefore there is no need to wait for version 7 release).

Does anyone know if it will fix old tracks?

By the way, I imported one of these tracks to Muse, where I never had any problem, but this track has the same problem in Muse, so I assume there is a good chance it won’t fix the problem.


FWIW, I tried it myself now that Ardour 7 is out, and so far it seems that all problems are gone! No more missing notes!

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