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This is an original tune I wrote for my wife several years ago, in the meantime it has taken on a life of it’s own and I’ve sang it at a few weddings and funerals. A good friend asked me to do an original song at his upcoming wedding so I pulled up the original tracks and did a fix and remix in Mixbus 2.0.7 because I wanted to revitalize it a bit and have a better demo.

The main new recorded stuff is the rhythm acoustic guitar and a few vocal fixes because I changed the lyrics. Sadly the guitars used in the original track are no longer with me…a Gretsch Tennessee Rose for the electric bits and a really nice cherry Guild acoustic for the guitar solo that belongs to a brother-in-law. The Guild was like wrestling a gator to play but man did it project well with a nice tone !

The drums were done on my old Turtle Beach Pinnacle sound card with custom sample libraries I recorded myself and loaded into it’s onboard RAM. The upright bass, cello etc. are from the onboard Kurzweil MA-1 chipset on the Pinnacle as well. Not bad sounds for a 1997 ISA sound card!

Plugins used were the Richard Furse Simple Delay Line and linuxDSP Channel dynamics on the vocals, I warmed up the imported mix of the MIDI instruments with the linuxDSP mkii EQ and the Calf Saturator. On the Master buss were the linuxDSP SRB2 Reverb, the linuxDSP PEQ-2A Equalizer, Barry’s Satan Maximizer and finally the Calf Stereo Tools for a little widening.

Comments, Critiques and Questions welcomed…

I think it’s actually kind of adult contemporary right now, but I think it could easily be a little more modern country, by changing the solo break to be a little less jazzy. Mind you, I think the solo is very strong as is. The reason I am thinking modern country is because they would love the subject matter, and there’s a lot of money to be had in that genre right now. Hell, you might just wanna shop the song as is.

Hi Ricardus

Thanks for taking some time to listen and for the comments especially liking it enough to consider producing it, to be honest it is really intended as a demo as it is now and I fully agree that as a ‘finished product’ it would require some sonic intervention. One of my plans for it is to try some real drums in the near future (they are my second instrument) and strip out some of the MIDI sounds and replace them with more rootsy and organic instruments, maybe some piano and a bit of B3 in the choruses. It is kind of weird how country it is, it’s not really my usual thing but it kind of just wrote itself that way.

That’s a strong tune. Reminds me a bit of Johnny Denver. The drums sound really weighted to the left side of the mix to me.

That song is a hit. I wanna produce it. Great subject matter. Great hook, great guitar solo, strong vocals. Needs a better mix, real drums, and some arco bass, and it’s top 40 (probably modern country) material.