Old fart jazz pianist just getting started - need a little help

Just trying out Ardour for the first time and it is obviously a bit steep for a beginner such as myself. So far have just used garage band with a motu 8pre and a few decent mics to record my live gigs into my white macbook. I found JACKPILOT to be very confusing to configure even after reading all the documentation. I think I’ve got that figured out as I can record from all 8 inputs on the motu 8pre. I’ve done some test recording of audio and have used the mixer window a bit. I’m now at the point of inserting plugins to the individual tracks. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to remove a plugin once it’s inserted. Dbl-clicking in the track’s insert space opens the plugin library but the plugin already inserted is not listed there therefore preventing me from deleting it. I apologize in advance for the feeble questions.

Thanks in advance -
Ron Perrillo

Right click on the plugin in the list, choose erase. :slight_smile:

@jazzboy1962: alternatively, shift-right click on the plugin name. this combination can be used to remove quite a few things (regions, markers, automation points etc)

@paul - hey i didn’t know i could do that in ardour !

neat tip, thanks again. :slight_smile:



And of course, as mentioned in the first time user page(You did read this right?), Right Click is NOT the same as CTRL+Click on a mac. You need an actual RIGHT click, this can be done on the laptops by configuring the trackpad for a two button click == secondary click, or by simply using a multi-button mouse. Also Apple’s mice can be configured to act like at least two button mice as well if you have one of those(Magic or Mighty Mouse).


…and where is the ‘first time user page’?
… found it via google search - maybe not ideal, should it be more prominent?


Actually IIRC it is linked to on the download page for OS X, or at least it used to be anyways.