ok so i'm a comlete linux/daw newb....so here goes

i installed ardour gtk2 from synaptic, i also have the JACK rack, jack beat, jack ctrl., also have hydrogen drum machine whick seems kinda weak IMHO. question 1: is ardour and jack compatible? 2. the list at bottom of plugins page; is that the list where i can get all my sounds from?


Answer 1: Ardour is Jack compatible, because Ardour and Jack are designed by Paul Davis. He made Jack for the sole purpose of running Ardour and other jack oriented programs with jack.

Answer 2: Plugins are not sounds. They are FX plugins like reverbs, chorus, flangers, compressors, and other great things that work inside Ardour.

To make things very simple for you, in synaptic you should find some plugins, try looking for swh, ladspa, calf, caps, or just look for audio plugins, there are quite a few.

Although installing all these things from synaptic is not 100% recommended, it’s ok to do it if you are completely new and just want to get the feel of it all. You have to learn how to compile programs that you download from websites (source code) and build these things yourself, that way you rest assure you have latest versions and prevent the dependency hell that monkeys like to do for a reason I don’t understand ( I am talking about ubuntu devs).

Good Luck!