Oh SHIT - it all went south in 2.3!!!

I just tried to convert from my trusty-rusty 2,0,5 to the “All New AND All Better” 2,3,1, found on GetDeb

it didn’t work.

When starting Ardour, a small window popped up and told me that the Audio Sample Rate was unknown. When opening a project, another window came up and informed me, that my hard disk was found too slow for the task.

It’s a P4 3GHz with 1 GB Ram and a 1 year old 250GB HDD

I never had that error, when using 2.0.5 - so I thought “well - back to what you know” - uninstall Ardour 2,3,1 and install 2,0,5 but now there’s two major concerns:

  • the projects runs too slow
  • the PAN isn’t there anymore. My “pan point” is a rather important tool for mixing, and it doesn’t show anymore in the mixer window…

this is not soooooo good!

Where did I go wrong?


Yea, it’s unfortunate that your installer package for the new Ardour is so crippled. But definitely, if you can compile from source, you should be better off, and plus you’ll feel more accomplished (and nerdy).

Are you using Jack? If not, try using qjackctl, start that up first, set your settings, and then hit start. Now run ardour and it should be fine.
But since it sounds like you need a clean install of Ardour, I recommend building from source, because I’m using 2.3 and it is rock solid (Ubuntu Studio). It’s not difficult to do, but it can be somewhat time consuming, especially if you don’t have all the tools needed. Check out the build page and download and install every component they list as dependencies (make sure you get the development libraries for all these things as well). Then just compile and wait.

Thanks so much. As I got 2.0.5 runnig stable again after erasing all of the old installation (I went in with the fire and the sword, deleting all files and God would know his own!!!) I’ll stick to it for some more.

I’m working on some special tracks from about a year ago, and right now “trusty” beats the hell out of “new”.

I will afterwards follow your instructions. Everybody seems to be very exited about the 2.3 features, so I am intersted in trying it out.


hehe…true dat