odd volume jump due to limiter plugin on bus post-fader

I noticed some freaky volume jump on all busses when I do the following :

  • add for ex. some reverb plugins in some busses’ post-faders (e.g. CAPS Plate reverb)
  • in another bus post fader (which doesn’t have to have a reverb), add a limiter plugin (I tried respectively fast lookahead and TAP scaling)
  • now, go to the track editing window, toggle on Autoplay, and left click randomly in the time bar to autoplay from that time point.

There will be a volume jump in at least all busses which have a reverb. This jump is very short but quite violent. It is not persistent (fortunately!) but sounds like a gunshot. Not good for ears and speakers …

Now, if I remove the limiter plugin from the one bus which has it, no volume jump at all.

Do you think it is a plugin issue (most likely) or something related to ardour ?

Note that I manually compiled all my ladspa plugins (cmt, swh, tap, etc).

I sort of remember a similar issue reported in this forum. So if someone has an idea …

Yes I reported that similar issue (random crashing and reported levels of +500dB on tracks), but in my case the cure was to recompile all my plugins. As you have already done that there must be some other cause :frowning:

I have noticed some instabilities which arose on my system because I had my CFLAGS set to compile for my CPU architecture (Athlon) but my rpms (which include JACK) are compiled for i586. I’ve unset my CFLAGS and recompiled and I think the instabilities have gone, but I’ve not really pushed it since then.