Odd meter

Hello everyone, i’m trying to use Ardour’s click to make things simple (instead of using hydrogen synced with it) and i came across a problem. I don’t know if is something i’m doing wrong or is something that can’t be done in Ardour.

My song’s intro needs the first beat to be 4/4
the second beat 4,5/4
and the third and fourth 4/4

I can’t express myself in english so i’m going to leave a picture of what happens when I try to do that here:


No matter what I do, I can’t get that 4/4 meter in 4th beat, it start’s in 5th beat. You’ll see that there are two “Ticks” together (as the click goes Tick, tack tack tack)

How can I do what I pretend?


@rombus: ardour2 is pretty broken for this sort of thing. I’ve been spending quite a lot of time fixing all this for ardour 3 during the last week. We’re just about finished.

4.5/4 is also quite unusual as a meter. Maybe setting the meter to 9/8 would work better in that case.

Thanks for answering Paul, I’ll keep an eye for ardour3 release then :smiley:

@the C.L.A
I tryed to do that as well but it’s confusing because there’s a certain time when your playing is like mismatching the click. Also it pushes you to repeat twice, in my case, repeating twice the intro. But ardour work’s fine if I do that. The problem is starting a new meter in a half bar or something.