Odd, and random, problem with viewing waveforms

I searched first, but didn’t find anything particularly useful so I figured I’d start a new thread. I just installed Ardour today, and have encountered a few problems I’d classify as bugs. Randomly my waveform views disappear when I stop recording a track. I say randomly as it doesn’t happen every time. Sometimes I can still see the waveform, sometimes I can’t. More often than not, I can’t see them. The last test produced an entirely different problem but I elected to take a screenshot of it as it does a pretty good job of illustrating both normal and broken views (simultaneously)!

To detail the process, I create a new session, set my inputs, and create a new track. I click the record icon at the top, and activate the track for recording. To begin and end the recording, I press the spacebar. Sometimes when I hit the spacebar, I’m greeted with a lack of waveform display. Sometimes I can still see it. The data is always there, and if I close the window, and reopen the project, I can see everything again. That’s a bit irritating and counterproductive, so if anyone knows what I can do to keep that from happening, please let me know.

At the beginning you can see that it actually does show the waveform sometimes, at the end you can see where it doesn’t. This is some layering artifact from the saved portions of previous edits within the same project. Very strange.