Ocean by Ardour 5.10 and debian stretch


Ocean - Gennaro Giugliano uses : Debian Stretch 9,Ardour 5.10, 2 U-He Podolsky synths - 1 Dexed Synth, 1 Mda Delay, Yamaha Dx7 Mk1 (midi) Xfce 4.12 enviroment, Imac 24 computer - Open Shot (video editor)

Gennaro - thanks for sharing this. I have a few concerns about it being too easy to create music with this basic template today, but neverthless I have to admit that I enjoyed listening to it.

Hello Paul, thanks for listening and commenting. Every day that passes me enthusiasts and enthusiasm more and more in using open source programs and open source operating systems like ardour and debian to carry on my music hobby and share it as always with the entire community via the web. Thanks always for the great work and passion that all Ardour team devotes to this wonderful project.