occasional xruns every 2 minutes on the dot

crond not running

cant figure it out. i run a stripped down read-only root system that boots right into ardour. sometimes this happens, other times it doesn’t. they occur about exactly every two minutes, and jack reports it as being from ardour. any tips on diagnosing? some sort of trace? i have no recent experience with linux process accounting. might that be a place to start? what tools to use?


cpu-frequency changes ?
wifi card or other hardware sharing irq with sound card ? laptop or desktop ?
harddrive doing termic calibration, ssd ? buffer settings

need realtime for softsynths or just mixing or recording audio ?

More input needed

cpufreq is disabled (not compiled in kernel)
wifi and bluetooth are physically removed, and not compiled in.
system is built with root (and everything except my data /mnt) readonly (/var is on a tmpfs)
this is with no softsynths loaded
again, it’s every two minutes, on the dot when it happens. and it happens with the machine at idle, nothing playing, just ardour sitting there.

whats a good way to trap it?

the exact same setup, again, with the whole environment readonly, does not always do this. and a reboot doesn’t necessarily remove it either. a few reboots might. it’s a super odd latch somewhere flapping instead of flipping or flopping.

any tips on catching a signal that occurs at a repeating interval would be greatly appreciated. it only seems to be making ardour trip up.

my current vote is foo-fighters. i think they are fighting for foo rather then against it.

I am sorry but I have no valuable input. I was just trying to sort out basic stuff.
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