OBS - EP09 (Pt 01) - Dark Turn Of Mind (GILLIAN WELSH COVER) by Angie Hudson

Angie Hudson performing a Gillian Welsh cover, Dark Turn of Mind.

This is a music video production by Spilting Films with live audio recording by ZamAudio, (recorded/mixed in Ardour!)


Plain an simple always does the trick.

You also make it seem simple, it probably wasn’t easy to clean up the mix with the ambient noises around. It’s quite a difference after 0:30.

She has a beautiful voice and the bird at 3:18 adds a nice touch. Well done.

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Good clear recording, great content too. The performance is good enough that even if the recording had not been so good, it would be enjoyable to listen to. I would not change anything to call it a “studio” recording. That is, I don’t think you could improve it by using a vocal booth and recording vocal and guitar separately (might make it worse).

What a great song and performance! Out of interest, which software did you use to remove the ambient noise?

@anon60445789 there wasn’t so much ambient noise inside the building, (nothing like the outside shots at the beginning). However, I did use a single pass of audacity’s noise removal with slight settings.