Numbers on the faders

Something i would like to see implemented is a display showing the numbers in dB to where the faders are on the main page.

When opening up the mixer section this is already implemented with numbers going down the side of the faders as well as real time numbers at the top that change when you move the fader. On the main page there are no numbers at all and have to just guess where 0 is or any other number.

a little terminology might help … i think you are referring to faders shown in the track controls area(s) of the editor window, and comparing them to the faders shown in the mixer strips.

the numbers you refer to are not for the faders, but the meters that are right next to them, which is an entirely different function (since it depends on the signal passing through the strip, whereas the fader gain level is a “fixed” value). there is a line in the fader that marks 0dB gain, and you can always get there with shift-click on the fader.

if you want precise control over fader levels, then (a) thats really what the mixer window is for (b) press Shift-E to bring up a mixer strip in the editor window, which will display settings for the (first) selected track.

that said, we do plan to add a popup/tooltip-style window that will show gain levels as they are changed for the track-control faders.

this forum is not the right place to put feature requests. the issue tracker is there for that. it is regularly scanned for ideas like this, whereas the forum is not.