Nuku EP (electronica / folk / experimental)

This demo/EP was made with Ardour:

Other programs included Qsynth, ZynAddSubFx, Hydrogen, Jamin, Audacity etc. (64Studio). And, of course, CD covers were made with Gimp :slight_smile:

Listened to Nuku. Great instrumental mix, vocals could be up a little more. Btw, what is the song about ?

Thanks again Dave. The song is about the weather… And hiding one’s fear. Nuku means sleep in Finnish.

Nice instruments, clean production, thanks for these songs. Which bands would you recommend sharing the same style?

Thanks jd! Honestly, I don’t know bands that really share the same style, but i’m a big fan of Mari Boine and maybe also the slower songs of 22-Pistepirkko have had some influence on my music (among many others).


Nice work, I like the textures a lot, I would agree with Dave Phillips that the vocals should be more dominant…you have a good voice, and since the songs tell a story it would be nice to hear the lyrics more clearly, even if we don’t understand Finnish! Thanks for sharing.

Hi, a new song Metsänpeitto is here:

More stuff: