Nudge clock function

As described in the manual, the Nudge function seems quite useful in positioning clips, but I haven’t had any luck getting it to work. If I select something, set the clock to some value (say 00:00:10:00) and push one of the arrow keys, the selection doesn’t move and the clock goes back to 0. What am I missing?

Ardour 6.0, Macbook pro running Catalina

thanks for any help

Works fine here.

What you selecting? Nudge will not move a selected range, only regions (or other things).

I went back and tried again – now it works, sometimes, although it’s hard to get the nudge value to stick in the clock window. Maybe you have to be in lock editing mode? Seems slippery…

I can’t find anything except direct editing of the nudge clock that will change the value shown there.

Note also that if nothing is selected, nudge will just move the playhead.