Now What? After donation I still cannot find download

I donated $25.00 but I still can find no way to download Ardour.
All I see is a plea for a subscription but I chose to give a total sum up front.
How and where do I download the program?

Check the page header. There is a Download menu button. Just login, choose your OS and download.
If you want nightlies, choose “nightlies” from page top menu above.

Get Ardour | ardour

If you’re using Windows, click Windows and follow the page downwards to the blue button.

Actually, I believe a donation is just that: a donation. In order to download Ardour you need to subscribe or do a one-off payment at Get Ardour | ardour.

@timathy2, I’m sure @Paul can help out here.

You know what guy, I believe a donation is just that, a donation as well. I have given freely of what I have all my life, including thinking I was going over and above what your company was asking. Not when the instructions are convoluted and misleading though and not when it was not my intent.
I reached explaining the situation how your website is confusing and hard to navigate and how I accidentally paid the one time payment apparently at the wrong place on your website. I Reached out trying to find resolve to a bad situation to company support and all you have to say is a caddy “Actually, I believe a donation is just that: a donation. In order to download Ardour you need to subscribe or do a one-off payment”
I thought that was exactly what I was doing. In good faith. Here is the wording on your website:

Single Payment
If you choose to pay less than US$45, you will get the current version and updates (e.g. buy version 6.0, get access to 6.1, 6.2, etc. but not 7.0).
If you choose to pay US$45 or more: get the current version, updates and the next major version, plus access to nightly (development) builds

Right next to that at the right hand side of the screen was a box where one gives money. It indicated this is where you donate. So I did. I would think that would be the normal way to give to a “free” program. I did not realize what I did was the wrong way to do it.
I wasn’t making a donation for the sake of giving you money, I have never even tried your program. I was giving money to get your “free” program.
If you are not the right guy to talk to then who is? The moderator at the forum? Paul?

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I’m afraid I’m just a regular user answering a question on the forum. However, I do share your frustration and I’ve been posting about the paywall in another thread over the past few days.

@Paul created Ardour and as far as I know deals with all the financial issues regarding Ardour donations, subscriptions and one-off payments. He’s a good guy and I know he will help you out without a second thought. Just be aware that he is based in the USA and so it might be a number of hours before he’s awake.

It must have been coincidence I received an email from you soon after I emailed tech support.
I thought you were tech support from Ardour.
Now I understand the reply.
This whole experience is getting very convoluted when all I wanted to do is get their DAW.
I own Mixbus 7 32C and wanted to compare the differences if any to the Ardour side.
I read an article that through testing claims the latency is much lower in Ardour than Mixbus. I found that interesting and wondered what else?
BTW I’m from Calif. USA, I just can’t sleep tonight.

Mixbus 32C (and vanilla Mixbus) is basically Ardour with an “analog” style mixer instead of the default Ardour one. In terms of latency the mixbusses of Mixbus by default add a set amount of latency but as of a recent version this can be disabled for live recording (I believe you have to enable one of the toolbar views in order to select disable PDC or something similar. Here it is from the manual:

To disable PDC, you must first click Preferences->Toolbar->“Display Latency Compensation Info” to expose the latency-compensation toolbox.

Mixbus has always been focused on mixing and mastering but now it can be used well for low-latency live recording too.

BY the way for testing purposes you can always use the free version which requires no payment. Not an answer to you, but that is an option for the future.

That being said, you will need to email Paul using the email address with your Invoice ID, your username, and the email account used to pay through Paypal, and he will get you set up.


I personally don’t believe anyone can test well with intermittent white noise interrupting things :wink: Another strange by-product of the paywall. At least it has now been added as an Ardour feature so that users can watermark their first drafts of things.

I have several DAWs like most do probably but I am finding Mixbus with Ardour very satisfying to work with. I really like the analog style workflow of Mixbus and I am learning Ardour is a great DAW with tons of functionality I never realized it has. Hence I wanted the full Ardour product.
This will all work out fine. Just a bump

I will say we should leave the paywall conversation to that topic, but I am generally doing my best to stay out of it for now.

That being said for the OP, while downloading a few things to try:

  1. There is a button labeled ‘I have an Invoice ID’ you can try that and enter your paypal invoice ID and see what happens, can’t remember if that will help in your case or not.
  2. Under the ‘Questions’ link on the Download page, the second FAQ actually covers this exact situation.

I won’t argue that these could be a clearer method of handling this, the donation system doesn’t require a login because many people use it to donate for builds they receive via other methods. This creates a possibility for the situation the OP finds themselves in now but the conflicting purposes of this do make it difficult to make a clear distinction, though I suspect there may be a clearer way to communicate this.


Oh yea, one other thing to clear up, the reason you got an email is because this was posted on a public forum, and your profile settings on that forum are to notify you when someone responds to you most likely. It does this via email, thus why you got an email when @bachstudies responded. I can see how that could get confusing, but just wanted to clarify that.


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