"Now Run" (Electro Track)

Made with Ardour and lots of good advices and plugins (Thx Unfa, Thx Robin Gareus), “Now Run” is an electro track :slight_smile:

Made with :

  • DrumGizmo +Crocell Kit

  • x42-dpl

  • x42-eq

  • x42-comp

  • Dragonfly Reverb

  • Calf Fluidsynth

  • Calf Haas Stereo Enhancer

  • GxFuzzMaster

  • Calf Vintage Delay

  • Calf Bass Enhancer

  • And by the way, lots of AUTOMATIONS

Feel free to comment , hope this will please you

Very nice! I like electro and this one sounds just right :smiley:

Great :smile:
Thank you for the feedback