Now I have tried Ardour!

Comparing Ardour to Mixbus 10.
I made a quick test project using EZ Drummer 3, Bass and 3 guitars. I used a Boss GT-1000 for the Bass and guitars. I also had Arc2 on the Monitor.
Ardour was using 16 to 19% DSP. While the same project in Mixbus 10 was around 32 to 36%.
I’m not sure if this is a big deal or not so I subscribed to Ardour for $1 a month for now to avoid the audio drops. If I determine that Ardour is a long term benefit, I will happily increase that later.
This test was at my usual 48k and 128 samples. Latency 2.7.
Onwards and upwards.

That’s most likely because of Mixbus’s built-in DSP for the EQs, tape saturation, etc.

If you are using a GT-1000 then, presumably, you are monitoring through that during tracking?

If you are hardware monitoring, you really don’t need low latency, and I’m not sure why you would want room correction whilst recording. You could increase the number of samples per buffer to 256, or even more, and it will give you a more stable connection.

Obviously, you would still want to use the Arc2 monitoring for post-production (mixing, etc.) but latency isn’t something you need to worry about for playback.

This applies regardless of DAW.



Yep to be expected with Mixbus.
Latency is good either way with monitoring on or off it’s more than fine.
Arc 2 makes a huge difference. I prefer to have it on until mixdown.
Overall very pleased with Ardour. I’m not sure if I need it yet. That will all depend on how well Mixbus 10 performs while tracking a larger project (my next test).
Finally, I have Melodyne 5 Studio. It would be a shame to not be able to utilize that to it’s full potential.
It cost more than most DAWs.
I didn’t care for Reaper.