Novation launchkey


I bought one of these to try out, hoping to use the pads to play drums through Ardour/Hydrogen and the keyboard part to play synths through Ardour.

I’ve never tried anything like this hardware with Ardour before.

I am using my Focusrite card in ALSA mode having been advised not to use Pipewire, which Fedora is now running, because of latency issues. Question is, can I also use the new MIDI controller in ALSA mode to avoid having to chop and change?

Just donated £25 to Ardour btw …

I use it all the time. Novation Launchkey 37.
You need a couple of steps:

That should work for recording and playing.

If you want to control Ardour from your MIDI device you need to map the controller:

I wrote the midi_map file (/opt/[Ardour-version]/share/midi_maps/ showed by “MIDI Bindings” in the image above, to use the transport controls on my keyboard. If you need it I can share it here (it is very basic, just the eight keys on the right side).


Looks like Linux can see the unit. It also shows up as a USB memory stick.

I followed the instructions on the stick, boot with Shift held down, then tap to turn off storage mode.

I then saw it pop up in MIDI connections on Arour next time I tried it. Not sure if that was in ALSA or JACK mode though, and its disappeared now …

Turned out a dodgy lead wasn’t helping. The above tips were also gold, thank you.

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