Nothing Else Matters acoustic by Vandallica Tribute

I had the chance to play with Ardour mixing this song with my tribute and our jazz violinist friend Ismael Cabaleiro.

I have used Ardour team plugins, some calf tape, Dragonfly Reverb and some amazing noise reduction LV2 (despite main guitar “bells”).

Grateful and fun Ardour experience with a complete track and acoustic instruments. Doing my own music now!

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I like the sound of that bass, but also I feel it too present, makes the whole mix kind of dark. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for listening! Bassist thinks darkness it’s on guitars and he is well experienced with acoustic recordings. I began with a gentle high pass on guitars and then we lowered the cut freq. Bottom end was a little mess since then.

Maybe Next time I will be more confident on my inicial filters! :smiley:

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Yeah, I’d think that higher pass on guitars would allow for the bass to be quieter and still be present, win win.